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Reward Memberships enable you to be rewarded for supporting ALB

Reward Memberships Allow you to be paid in Bitcoin simply for holding them!
Total Paid Out to Date:

BTC: 23.435745
(USD $27,345 at current BTC:USD rate)

What are they?

Reward Entitlement Memberships (REMs) are a special memberhsip type you can buy here on ALB.

Each REM you own entitles you to a percentage of earnings from sales of premium memberships to the site.

All premium members are able to buy REMs and this is done through the Trade Rewards section of this part of the site. All purchases and payouts are made using Bitcoins.

Members that own REMs have a small XX badge next to their name.

All earnings distrubited to members under the scheme can be seen at the Reward-Earnings page.

How do I get them?

If you are a premium member, you have the option to buy Reward Membership Entitlements (REMs).

To do so, you need to Deposit Bitcoins to your account here at ALB via the Load / Deposit BTC page. Once you have some Bitcoins loaded here at NN you can purchase REMs at market rates via our Trade Rewards page.

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