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Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
27-Sep-22  23:24:17 (2 days ago)
He has had that habit for over 30 years now!
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
24-Sep-22  6:50:12 (6 days ago)
May your S/O suddenly develop a habit of chewing tobacco.
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
22-Sep-22  2:35:50 (8 days ago)
I live in the country.... so no neighbors :P
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
20-Sep-22  1:34:06 (10 days ago)
May your Neighbor take up learning the bagpipes at three am, and may you pillow smell like his feet. :D
Comment on Artistic's ( ) profile:
18-Sep-22  1:27:05 (12 days ago)
where are you missy? not seen you around on other ;) not that I have been on much either but saw someone asking about you the other day :)
Comment on MagnoliaChinchilla's ( ) profile:
28-Aug-22  8:20:03 (33 days ago)
read the pic posting rules before trying again !!!
Comment on MaroonFox279's ( ) profile:
28-Aug-22  8:18:49 (33 days ago)
read the rules before making another profile !!!
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
16-Aug-22  20:20:57 (44 days ago)
*pokes the drop bear*
Comment on petq90's ( ) profile:
29-Jul-22  7:33:49 (63 days ago)
think you better read the pic posting rules for this site, there are to be NO pics of the caliber you posted on this site at all !!
Comment on FantaziXxxx's ( ) profile:
19-Jul-22  7:44:41 (73 days ago)
Read the rules on posting pictures on this site !! NO NUDES !!!!!
Comment on Karol's ( ) profile:
2-Jul-22  11:20:22 (90 days ago)
Your so awesome
Comment on MrSmitten's ( ) profile:
29-Jun-22  20:10:41 (92 days ago)
Welcome to the deserted site 😝
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
20-Jun-22  11:28:12 (102 days ago)
*May the fleas of a thousand foreign leigon camels infest your bed, and my your washer be broke! *
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
20-Jun-22  0:19:44 (102 days ago)
*throws firecrackers and runs away*
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
18-Jun-22  12:56:47 (104 days ago)
*peaks in* heeeeey :)
Comment on FullDove727's ( ) profile:
1-Jun-22  9:58:56 (121 days ago)
I think you need to read the rules of this site, it is NOT the same as the other one, this is a PG rated site !! comprehendo??
Comment on Dana's () profile:
13-May-22  1:55:15 (140 days ago)
It's me!!
Comment on Dana's () profile:
12-May-22  8:37:05 (141 days ago)
Dana, is that you ?
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
5-May-22  2:14:53 (148 days ago)
*brings out the probe to check for signs of life"
Comment on regi48's ( ) profile:
1-Apr-22  11:01:45 (182 days ago)
This is NOT as place to post your naked pics, might pay for you to read some rules next time. Not a dating site either, its a GENERAL pic posting site, that is rated G as children can or do use it !!
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
17-Mar-22  14:23:22 (196 days ago)
What are you disillusioned about?
Comment on MajorEagle45's ( ) profile:
3-Mar-22  8:56:09 (211 days ago)
those kind of statuses are NOT welcome here and will be removed everytime, this is not a site for those tendancies , keep that for the other one !! if you continue to do so they will get you muted
Comment on ASugar_n_Spice09's ( ) profile:
25-Feb-22  13:42:43 (216 days ago)
Comment on LittleBuffalo662's ( ) profile:
5-Feb-22  21:49:57 (236 days ago)
read the damn rules, this isnt a place to post your jumbled spine !!
Comment on Shy1976's ( ) profile:
31-Jan-22  13:51:12 (241 days ago)

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