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Noisy Miners
Category: Wildlife  ID: 7974
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 3-Jun-21
Subject gender: Male & Female
Location of Pic:
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7-Jun-21  (109 days ago)
There was a nest in a tree in my yard last breeding season, when I got home and parked I had to wait until they were attacking some pedestrian walking by in the street before getting out of the car to open the garage door. One of them tried to swoop me.... when I was standing in my bedroom, watching it through the window!
5-Jun-21  (111 days ago)
A friend of mine had a whole herd of these turn up at 3pm each day, she used to feed them bread soaked in water, and they got scotty if they didn't get their bread. :D
4-Jun-21  (112 days ago)
4-Jun-21  (112 days ago)
pain in the butt birds
3-Jun-21  (112 days ago)
cool newer seen before
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